New Health User System can help you to organize your NewHealth business at anyplace and anytime through internet.
You can check:
  1. Company Notices: NewHealth latest announcements, monthly special promotion items, coming events, and etc.
  2. Personal Info: Personal profile and password update.
  3. Transaction Enquiry: Transaction records.
  4. Bonus Info: Monthly bonus details.
  5. Network Info: Down-line structure and consecutively three months Whole Group Volume.
  6. My Income: Including Personal Rebates, Group Bonus, Leadership Bonus, and President Bonus.
  7. Rank and Volume: Consecutively three months rank and Whole Group Volume.
  8. PV Info: PV records.
  9. Check Info: Records of bonus checks issued and cashed.

How to log in NewHealth User System?

  1. go to
  2. User ID - Your IMD member ID ( 7 digits, add "0" in front of your ID )
    Password - Please contact customer service at 1-866-284-3258 to acquire

you password for the first time log in. You can change your password at Personal Info afterward.